Sell Your Themes

Most of the web designers keep themselves busy with their clients and don't realize that they are not getting the complete out of their potential. If you are a web designer who is offering web design/development services you can also make some income online by selling website templates.

Imagine creating what you want, when you want, from the comfort of your own home, making passive income whether you're working or not.
It does not take a lot of efforts and one template can bring you money for the next couple of years.

Don't have hosting server?

We can host your design templates on our server for free.

Non-exclusive selling

Most marketplaces have low payment rates unless you sell exclusively with them. We believe authors should have the freedom to list their products wherever they please. We may be crazy, but we offer the same payment rates whether you sell exclusively with us or not.

Earn 80% every sale!

As an author on the Geckopixel you are eligible to earn 80% of every sale.

Fast & friendly support

Do you hate waiting for weeks to get your theme reviewed? So do we!
That's why we're committed to reviewing and approving your theme within 1-3 business days.


You will be paid out as soon as your combined earnings reach at least $25.
Payments are issued on the 15th (or next business day) of each month and are based on previous months' sales.

All payouts through Paypal or Bank transfer paid automatically.